How it works

Get 500$ in 3 simple steps

Step #1


Register a new account with us

Join our shared money box

All you need is a valid email with paypal activated

Step #2


Pay 65$

You will contribute to the money box

by as little as 65$ only

Step #3

Collect your money

Wait for your turn to receive the money

The next 10 Contributions will be used for you

0% Risk , Get full refund in 60 days

All you need is a valid email address linked with PayPal to send and receive money.
Once you register , you can request to join 500$ money box. To join a 500$ money box you need to contribute 65$ . A percentage of that will be used for another customer in the waiting list. You will then be placed in the waiting list to get your money share .
There is 0 % risk. If no users joined in 60 days , your 65$ contribution will be refunded to you.
You will always be the 10th customer in the waiting list no matter when you requested. At any time there will only be 10 customers waiting.
The waiting period is just the time it takes for the next 10 customers to join.
We are proudly accepting PayPal to send and receive money. It is our only current option. It is the safest money transfer available to send and receive funds online.
There are no limitation on how many times you can join. As long as you pay your contribution fees you will added to the waiting list.
You are more than welcomed to share our websites with friends and on social network to help more customers into our new project. In addition you will earn a free $ bonus for every customer who joins.
Every registered user will be given an affilate id. Share our link with your affilate id as described in the bonus page. This will help us track every customer that been referred by you and in return you will earn a bonus $ that can be collected for free.